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Association of Arts and Spirituality ZAN ART


President: Zana Maria Barau

Address: Calea Vacaresti 234, sector 4, Bucharest, Romania



Web site:

Association of Arts And Spirituality Zan Art (Bucharest, ROMANIA) is a non-governmental organization that promotes theater, dance, film, marionettes, painting, sculpture and participatory arts for young people and adults as a form of communication, of expression of inner-self, joy and creativity, as an intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and as a form of social inclusion and non-formal education.

The aims of the organization are:

  • Education and personal development of people through arts.
  • Teaching arts, organizing shows and films.
  • Promoting human rights, moral codes and universal values through arts.
  • Organizing and facilitating intercultural exchanges.
  • Including people with fewer opportunities in art workshops, shows and films.

Association of Arts and Spirituality ZAN ART organizes theatre, dance therapy, film and other arts workshops, trainings and shows in order to develop competencies and skills for adults. We want to involve people of any social background without artistic experience in films, theater and dance performances to develop their skills and competencies.


Associazione Culturale Jump In


President: Valeria Carluccio

Address: via delle Mimose 23, Poggiardo, Lecce, Italy, 73037

Phone: +39 338 9870596



JumpIn is a non-governmental Association founded in April 2009, which delays with:

  • education activities (education projects in schools and on an extra-schools basis throughout a non- formal education method focused on active citizenship, European conscience, against racism and xenophobia, human rights principles);
  • cultural events (conference, seminars, cineforum, concerts, art exhibitions);
  • intercultural activities (program and projects of youth mobility, education on international topics, promotion of different cultures in Italy and abroad, welcome activities of tourists and foreigners, promotion of Youth in Action Program);
  • Territorial promotion (promotion of its typical aspects, its artists, tourism, sport activities);

The mission of education activities consists of providing non-formal education opportunities for people involving as many as possible, and trying always to involve others that have never participated before.

Our aim is to help youngsters develop their transversal competences (life skills) by using non-formal learning tools. We try to educate people to a peaceful cohabitation with people coming from different cultures, countries and social conditions by giving them the opportunity to confront themselves with others in an intercultural environment which stimulates the development of a social conscience. Youngsters can experience themselves in a perfect environment to socialize with other people from different countries and get to know different cultures and tradition.


Uždaroji akcinė bendrovė “JOLINGVA”


Director: Jone Cesnaite

Address: Vilnius, Lietuva

Phone: 8 618 60702


Web site:

“Jolingva” is a non-formal language school located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is a private school which specializes in adult teaching. Its target group is adults: working, retired people or university students.

The school offers a range of English courses designed for learners from beginner to upper-intermediate level. The courses are equally suited to those wishing to attend for a relatively short period and those with long-term objectives.

Our courses are designed for people who want to improve their general English and/or business English knowledge and skills and they follow a balanced and integrated approach to the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The current trend of the school is to find creative and innovative methods of teaching. We strive to make the learning process an attractive and interesting activity, which helps to master languages as well as to enhance communication, reveal students’ different abilities and creativity.

The school tries to address the needs of the society and it arranged English language charity course for elderly people. The school pays special attention to teaching senior citizens. It is located in the city where there are a lot of senior citizens and their opportunities to learn and start new activities are poor due to different reasons.

The organization will involve elderly people in project. The project will assist in increasing social inclusion of elderly people in the community and give them possibility to learn in an enjoyable way and motivate them for lifelong learning.