This project is funded by the Grundtvig Learning Partnership - the Sectoral Program of the "Lifelong Learning Programme" European Commission's program.
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Project Description


Project Title: "DANCE YOUR DREAM - Performing for Inclusion"
Project period: July 2012 – June 2014
Project duration: 2 years
The area which is implemented: Romania, Italy, Lithuania.
Project Officer: ZANA MARIA BARAU - Project Manager
Financier: Lifelong Learning Programme - GRUNDTVIG (Learning Partnership)

  • Asociatia de Arte si Spiritualitate ZAN ART - Romania
  • Associazione Culturale JUMP IN - Italy
  • UAB Jolingva - Lithuania

The project "DANCE YOUR DREAM - Performing for inclusion" have as aim to facilitate and develop performing arts: dance, theater, music, film as innovative methods of non-formal education for adults and as instrument of social inclusion.

The project develop a series of " International Performing Arts Workshops and Performances" in 3 partners countries involving the adults with different social backgrounds and opportunities from local communities countries. The performing art workshops will be provided by trainers from Romania, Lithuania and Italy and will facilitate the exchange of experiences and collaboration between involved partners.

The project stimulate the cooperation between generations by involving in Workshops and Performances the aged and youth people to work and perform together.

The Scope of the project is to facilitate and develop performing arts as innovative methods of non-formal education for adults and as instrument of social inclusion.


  • To develop performing arts as instruments of non-formal education;
  • To exchange experiences between transnational organizations that provides education through performing arts;
  • To create a strategy to increase the social inclusion by performing arts education;
  • To develop ICT base content and pedagogica for promoting performing arts education;
  • To improve pedagogical approaches in performing arts and the management of partners organizations;